Hawaii 2010

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rising Mistakage Meter

My grandkids love each other.

Memorial Flowers should be shared as widely as possible, enjoy the beauty.

For some reason, when things get hectic and extra dinners, and events and meetings fill the week, I begin to make mistakes. Today, I went to the gym, and got my car washed on the way.

Turns out I lost my cell phone out of the car when I reached for my wallet at the pay station. Thankfully they found it and I was reconnected when I began back tracking from the gym.

This is Shannon's birthday, so she and her mom and grandmom are on a shopping trip, and will enjoy the rest of the weekend with us, including a Birthday Cupcake feast she requested, Red Velvet Cake. I am told that people are making cupcake wedding cakes instead of traditional ones. The cupcake is an awesome mini treat.

We have a brass quartet playing for services, a double choir, and an evening with the Chandler Symphony that will include a four year old violinist. Cool.

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