Hawaii 2010

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Remembering Alex


Thirty two years ago my best friend Alex died of an aortic anyeaurism. It was an undiagnosed birth defect called "Morphans Syndrome". Every year I think about his young and talented life and wonder about the ways of God with man. Why do some live too long and others die too young? Is Alex resting till the resurrection of the body as some teach, or fully engaged in heavenly activities as others teach?

I miss him. I wish you could have known him. I want to see him again some day. I think all those things will be possible some day, in another eon. We only knew each other for a decade, but what things we did and what fun we had.


Kansas Bob said...
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Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for remembering your friend Don.

In my limited thinking "time" is a part of the creation. When we die we cross over from this time-bounded existence to a timeless one.. not that I have a clue what that is like.