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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I like Dr. Oz

He is helping me with his informative show. It is even better now that I finally own a DVR and can skim through the parts that do not apply to me. I never really grooved with Richard Simmons and the dancing aerobics stuff.

I had my yearly heart check up with the man who saved my life twice in the last decade by removing life threatening arterial blockages. We have a pretty deep relationship of trust since I am a patient who talks and reflects a lot.

He was amazed at what looks like a younger version of me. Eight months of diet and excercise have wittled over 20 lbs from my midsection.... may God be praised.

Its slow and frustrating and it works, this eating better and moving. My three to four hours in the gym are building muscle tone, giving energy, providing a nice break to the weeks duties, and improving my blood suger, pulse rate, blood pressure and the fit of my clothes, which, as Dr. Oz said, when you shrink out of your fat clothes, throw them away. I am not going to do that for 10 more lbs, but I wear stuff way too long and always have.

Now I am trying to figure out why I have been coughing chronically for three weeks with no cold or chest congestion. Help me Dr. Oz?

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