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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Calling, election and free will

Hardly a week in my life goes by without some form of this discussion or view enters a faith conversation. As I have been visiting the verses in the New Covenant about the church, the ekklesia, the called out ones, I keep confronting this sense of calling from God, chosen by God, elected to believe, and as an educated Calvinist by training I get it, in terms of a boastless, gift from God, the beginning of which is His choice and His alone. Once the seed is planted we then have a great deal of involvement in our progress toward maturity.

This being a minority report at this place in church history, I am still amazed at the resistance to this fairly well defended concept gets, and the scant evidence for a robust defense of choice and free will as the be all and end all of any entrance into the blessings of salvation.

Both groups proceed from this basic premise to build complete theologies of salvation and then build church systems to use them, and yet both cannot be essentially true.

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Kansas Bob said...

I think that I get it too Don. My take is that all of us are created in God's image and consequentially have been given the ability to say yes to Him.. just a simple yes.. just a simple response to Him.. but I am not dogmatic about it :)