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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Overdosing on penal substitutionary atonement

Campbell is building a case against the Lutheran reading of Romans, and I am following along, but I can tell you from reading Scott McKnight on the various atonemnent theories that I came to the realization several years ago that I had begun to see Christianity solely in terms of Christ saving us from the Father's wrath. My understanding of the Father's love was completely conditional upon my hiding under the propitiatory stream where sin had been punished. While this may be an aspect of the truth in relationship to Christ's sacrifice it leaves out much of real truth and value in the life of Christ, the work of the Spirit, and the love of the Father for sinners. That is why I am enjoying the book so much.

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Kansas Bob said...

I think that you might enjoy this article titled Penal Substitution vs. Christus Victor.. I did.