Hawaii 2010

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Monday, February 1, 2010

A magnetic phenomenon?

I occasionally wear a magnetic ionic bracelet sold by a multilevel marketing company.The sales presentation claimed to increase the strength of your muscles and they have a resistance test after which they ask you if it worked. Of course I thought it was psychosomatic or suggestion.

Today while beginning my seventh month of regular work outs, I came to the biceps machine. After so many weeks I sometimes feel stronger or weaker but the progression of exhaustion is fairly predictable and the same each time. Yet, today, I found myself breezing through the second to the third set with ease....and then realized that I had the bracelet on, and.....I wondered about the invisible power of magnets.


Dixie said...

Do they have a magnetic suit that a person could put on their whole body? :)

Don Hendricks said...

Dixie, you are so precious and funny, and you do need energy to survive three kids rampaging through the trailer. They do say sleeping on a magnetic pad at night increases your energy but I have not tried it.

Anonymous said...

Hey ya'll, be care with all the "magnetism". Remember, my problem w/ self-flushing toilets and computers. Wouldn't wish it on nice folks such a yourselves.