Hawaii 2010

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our nightly date with renewal

Sleep is something we all need, all do, all enjoy, and occassionaly have problems engaging. Last night I watched a bit of "Lost" on tape, since I have a Tuesday evening meeting. In bed at 11, get all relaxed, prepare to drift off to sleep.....and slowly realize its not happening. Then try harder not to try, offer prayer, change positions. Nothing. Up at 2:30 and try to finish a movie I have been watching, thinking it will help me doze off. finally at 3:30ish I get some fitful sleep and pay the price all the next day.

When its deep and good, there is nothing better, when you toss and turn, all is affected. This is part of the human condition.

Thoughts on Lost, Atlantis?? Reincarnation, alternate lives?? Who knows, I just enjoy these characters and that wierd island.

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