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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Two month Report

Well, it has been interesting so far since I cleaned out my office and came home to our new home. We make progress cleaning out the book boxes, making multiple giveaway trips to Goodwill. This feels a bit like the three month vacation I had in 2002 except there may be no return to full time work here.

Laura is adjusting well, although pool ownership and electricity bills will slam us pretty hard this summer. We are negotiating what temp we can tolerate in the house, and being more careful during our three hours a day voluntary plan to cut use called EZ3. Gas heat insures we will pay less electricity in our mild winter, and we enjoy a cool house in the winter as well. Meanwhile the overhead fans in every room are helping circulate and keep it all enjoyable. Just yesterday I closed the vents in our guest bathroom and guestroom which is a long way from being reading to welcome guests, and the temp in our bedroom went down two degrees. Nice.

Our mornings by the pool are very special, and the morning swim when the temp in the water has cooled over night are my favorite time of day so far.

When home, our meals are healthy, our exercise regular, our sunshine exposure abundant, our minds and spirits at peace with God and man, and our concerns for the mixed up condition of politics, and world disorder are kept way back on the back burner of our minds, which I hope and pray reaps positive benefits on my health and heart. Good habits.

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