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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Unpacking Continues

Organizing our walk in closet.
The East Facing Side Yard
A Veterans Organization has placed a flag in our front yard for the Month. Nice, and you can see Laura's Disney Wreath on our front gate.

We are finally unpacking my books I am keeping, some of them are going to be kept, at least now, in our spacious bedroom closet. Compared to our last house, it is hard to call this a closet, more like a dressing room. Today she got it a bit sorted out except for quilts. I love it, and Laura is beginning to warm up to the house. Because we have a locked backyard gate I have neglected the eastern side yard and this afternoon while grilling found some seriously wilted lemon trees. Administering much needed water.

Later this evening I plan to try and fail again to capture a full moon, even when I try the suggested settings I am never happy with the results.

We are getting better at this guiltless living schedule. Today we sat by the pool reading and enjoying the warm morning including some pool time, then to the gym for an hour, then to lunch with friends, then unpacking projects, then swimming again, cooking dinner, and now doing some more sorting in the keep or give away piles.

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