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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Talkin bout my Generation

Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary (Sunday wise) of my ordination to preach and minister the gospel. I have mentioned it more times than anyone has interest in hearing, but here goes one more observation.

On June 27th, 1967 I had a spiritual moment of faith that changed my life and set me in the direction of preparing to be a minister. On June 27th, 1976 I was ordained in an evening service of my first congregation, nine years to the day, and one week before our nations 200th Birthday on July 4th, 1976.

I am the same man who bent the knee that night to have hands laid upon me and to be set apart for the gospel. I am not the same man as well, I have grizzled and battle scarred and wounded and blessed and honored to make it four decades, one genea, one generation.

I have sensed His loving presence through it all. I have felt abandoned at times when my enemies came from within the camp. I have spent most of my life in constant internal dialogue with God and with the things I diligently study, and through all the many experiences of life spent interacting with members of the body of Christ.

Many times I desperately wished I had chosen another career. Many times I was thankful that I was chosen for this. I shall observe it quietly, and then get on with the blessings of the second half of life, when I am older, wiser, more patient, slower, and overwhelmed each day with grace, beauty, and love.

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