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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Heat Wave Weekend

Remembering the joys of my growing up years, when after one summer as a bagboy at the local grocery at age 15 I got smart and got my water safety and lifeguard certification and spent the next ten years watching groups, upholding pool discipline, and doing the maintenance required to keep each pool clean. Now, at age 65 I wake up with the same job, and love it. There is just nothing like slipping into the pool several times a day, washing the deck, enjoying the birds that fill the surrounding trees. We enjoy keeping the water temp around 85 degrees, so today I ran the aerating sprinkler in the pool and found that standing under it was like stepping into a cool zone at the store. Fun.

Yesterday 111, Today 115, And we spent a lot of time in the backyard pool, which made it all more bearable, and enjoyable. Mid afternoon we went to see Zootopia at the Discount Theater which was fun although Ben and Shannon had seen it. It is amazing that even with this heat, the mornings and late afternoons are pleasant. I played golf yesterday and never felt overheated.

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