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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Music and Serenity

Enjoying a walk in the high country two weeks ago.
Unboxing my early Birthday Present.

After spending some time charging my Sony Over the Ears Headphones and getting the Blue Tooth connections activated I relaxed before sleep with some favorite pieces of music that have become part of my listening life over the last half decade. Technological development has certainly made progress from the Vinyl recording, the cassette tape, the CD to the digital age, when you can now get your music from the air, from a source out their somewhere to your own head. It's all pretty awesome.

When I am using music for relaxation and for producing serenity, its the instrumental music that they lump under New Age that most moves me to joy. I love all types of music to differing degrees and love classical and great movie themes, and on occasion jazz. It reminds me that we are best as humanity when we are being creative and harmonious and playing in sync and for the benefit of others. This is serenity reflected through sound.

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