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Friday, June 19, 2015

Countdown to Medicare

Two weeks until I switch to Medicare. All cards secured and companies contracted for part B through whatever. Paid first premium. Used insurance for one last refill of all meds on our group plan. Eye Exam and new eyeglasses purchased under group plan, Dental problem fixed under the group plan. So, wee shall see what the transition looks and acts like in the future, which I hope will be long and as problem free as the rest of life. It does look like seniors are pretty much on their own for dental and eye issues.

Woke up today thinking it was Saturday, so I get another one tomorrow. Ready for a few days in the Beach Community of San Clemente one hour north of San Diego. It was 116 here today and 76 there, so yippee.

I picked out four pictures from Shannons first visit and ours to this destination in 2006 to try photo matching. Should be fun.

Most of all, I love a few days watching the ocean and walking the beach and seeing some great sunsets near the pier.

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