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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Body Maintanance is good

Here I am with a father and his three sons, all aging well.

Yesterday during my gym workout I determined to add a notch to all my weight machines, which I did. I sit now nursing an ache in my left shoulder joint and wonder if I pushed too hard. This afternoon I visit my Dentist to get a crown on a tooth that has had too many fillings over the years and is cracking. Yikes.
Then right after that over to my optomologist to get my eyes tested for a 2 year vision test and probably new glasses before I leave my wifes health plan the first of July. This doctor takes a picture of my inner eye workings to see if diabetes is damaging my vision. Glad I did this.

Just like yard maintenance our bodies need some maintenance as well. I earnestly desire to see, hear, and move as long as I have the ability to see hear and move. Try as I might, there is no denying the fact that in six weeks I will turn 65. Much as I am trying to not make this a big deal, our culture has baptized that number for so long that even though my age group does not officially and governmentally retire until 66, most people still use the big 65 as a milestone age.

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