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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Desert Landscaping is expensive

Playing with Jill and Eddies Grandsons last weekend.

We don't mow a lawn, but we have trees and bushes and flowering plants, and every June or (yune) as my Hispanic yard man says, our three towering palm trees must be denuded of the dead fronds and left with just a few new shoots at the top, and my 8 year old museum palo verde must be cut back of over hanging our roof and encroaching the neighbors fences, and add a bunch of bushes and flowering plants in the front and in over two hours the crew filled a huge high sided truck and departed with a shocking amount of my money which he contends is a good deal and I am embarrassed to share. Such is desert landscaping....but the yard is nice, and the doves still showed up to sleep in the Palo Verde last evening.

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