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Monday, June 8, 2015

Hell Fire and Damnation Pepper Sauce for sale

Another Monday rolls around, another Hope Coach sack lunch day. This time my wife is with me and gets to see the Phoenix rescue mission on a bustling Monday when businesses are donating large amounts of food and produce. The construction and expansion and improvements are remarkable.

On the way home I shared one of my favorite lunch spots called Pepper Sauce, which has a delightful look and menu and some of the funniest and raunchiest named pepper sauces for sale. It was fun to share the place with her. Perhaps what retirement lifestyle allows.

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Anonymous said...

Glad Laura could go with you--isn't it amazing what they are doing there? Look forward to hopefully riding with the chaplain next fall on one of his runs.
HOT here--87-88 the last couple days which you'll laugh at but the norm in June is 65-66.