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Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Meanderings

Summer was always a time to do special things with youth groups, its amazing to think that every child sitting on those benches is an adult now, probably with kids of their own.

I turn off the ringer on my phone when I take the platform on Sunday, and forget to turn it back on until Monday, which puts me out of touch. Sorry.

I gave three fasting viles of blood this morning for tests. You stare at the red liquid and feel amazed at our fragility and the job that blood does unseen to keep you alive each moment.

You determine that life must be lived abundantly even when the everyday tasks and duties pile up.

The church office is large, a manufactured home, and it will be new carpeted later in the month leaving me with a deadline to have books off the shelves and desks before I leave for out of town vacation.

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