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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Loving what is

I was tired last night

Busy day yesterday enjoyed our volunteers who assemble our lunches for the Phoenix Rescue Mission Hope Coach distibution. Drove our food and water to the mission 30 miles aways seeing as we do briefly, an Indian Reservation on the way, drove by the vast complex that is Joe Arpaio's army against crime and drug use and illegal immigration and then to the mission where tons of food arrives early in the week from stores and farms and local ministries to feed the homeless and struggling folks.

In and out of several worlds, all broken, yet all working to make things a bit better in this present world.

Then we were invited to dance at a local Casino with some friends who love to dance. Once again on Indian property, these late afternoon gatherings of retirees allow them to enjoy the pure pleasure of moving to the beat of the really fine music. As our hosts commented, everyone here is just having fun. We saw a couple who were 87 and 84 who have been dancing together every week for the long marriage and still laughing and moving and showing true affection in their dance. The Hispanic band played some of the most beautiful mexican dancing music, and all the old favs these folks remember from their own youth. "I found my thrill, on Blueberry hill"!!!!

One of our goals as we approach retirement in a few years is to revive that rhythm in our own dancing life. We are making slow progress, but with that crowd, the effort is all that counts. Of course, I will not become one of the poor people sitting at those ringing machines smoking like chimney stacks. Gambling and smoking see to be shared addictions.

In and out of so many different worlds in one day, and if I had a God's eye view, how many worlds and cultures does He see around the world, how much daily struggle, daily joy, daily fun, and daily heartbreak. Believing He cares means a lot to me.

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