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Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's Yune

Thats when we have to trim the dead leaves from our palm trees, in Yune. Its when it gets really hot, a dry heat and a steamy heat and an inescapable heat. Four months of heat. Its the price for living year round in shirt sleeves, and we pay it, although the smartest of us find ways to escape for the ocean or the mountians, which we plan to do later in the month.

Meanwhile the Apostle John is painting metaphors, those imprecise word games using like or as, that so infuriate science which operates in the measurable and the precise. The book I am reading by Richard Rohr is doing such a wonderful joy of showing how we need both science and mystery in our life. The mystery of faith so real and deep that you have to approximate it with words which only point in the direction of things much bigger and deeper and more real than the most real things we see and measure on this earth.

And....they are one, the seen and the unseen, this life and the next, their is not final bifurcation, because God is one and we have one God and one faith and He is in all and through all things. Transformation is the job of God, described by science, lived by faith.


Kansas Bob said...

60s here in KC. My buddy likes Rohr and says I should read one of his books.

Don Hendricks said...

Start with his latest, Immortal Diamond, which really frames what he has been about that has caught the interest of so many burned out evangelicals toward a more contemplative theology.