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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

Saw the Shelby GT racer in the gym parking lot recently.

This office recarpeting has coincided with my personal vacation is such a way as to make even office computing temporary as the power cords are all packed up. Therefore, when I leave the office today I am on our official vacation from June 14 through June 30.

I have some spiritual plans that require the time away, and some family joys that allow the joys of travel, and time to pursue the joy of travel photography, which will be shared often in this blog and on facebook. I am hoping as we all do for safe travel and steady health during that time away. I know the needs of the weekly church gathering will be ably filled.

Had a fulfilling morning with friends at an early breakfast discussing what the gospel has done for the world, and God's hope that we grow up and be mature and complete in Him, and thereby serve the world with the new commandment.

Father's Day for me in recent years has become a celebration of the Father's love for the lost sons and daughters of Adam, who inherit a new promise with the completed work of Christ.

It is also the traditional time for the U.S. Open Golf Tourney and I will enjoy watching the golfers play a specifically challenge test of their skill under pressure to the highest prize in Golf, a major win.

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