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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1800 posts

College graduation day, me, Linda Word, and Alex Beck. Linda married a minister, Alex dreamed of becoming a college president but died in a few short years.

This almost daily blog will be five years old in August. I will remember the day I began my walk of faith in a few weeks, year 46. I have changed and grown, but not apart from the reality that "Love lifted me". I was not seeking Him, He was seeking me.

When I graduated College and went to Seminary, I noticed that I was different in my basic approach to the faith than most, not all, of the men I began to train for ministry among. I had been nurtured on basic Christianity, and helped by Watchman Nee, C.S. Lewis, and much of my English minor backgroud as one who read widely.

I felt like I brought a strain of mysticism into what was a very scholastic atmosphere. It was all about what you knew. One early acquaintance said he would not listen to any spiritual advice I could share unless I could accurately outline the book of Romans for him. That german dude had a german shepherd, about his only friend I noticed.

To this day, those who approach God relationally rather than rationally still feed and attract me the most. Reading Immortal Diamond by Franciscan mystic Richard Rohr was an absolute treat.

Every part of the ups and downs of my walk with God is part of God's plan to share His love with me in union with Him, everything matters, everything helps, everything leads to the only thing that lasts, which is the love of God.

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Lynn Beck said...

Love the photo! How I remember those days and that hair! And love your post too. The german dude with the german shepherd made me laugh!