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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Three digit temps already

I am back to mall walking in preparation for an upcoming stress test. We broke one hundred last Tuesday, April 21st, about the time that Bison Girl http://www.bisongirl.com/ was losing the last of her snow in her Bismarck North Dakota backyard. It's a wide and diverse world meteorologically speaking, and I chose the Arizona desert.

I bet you don't see kachina dolls in Bismarck?, just like you don't have snow drifts in Arizona in April, or just about any other time. The Chandler Fashion Mall takes about 20 minutes to do the loops and turns on each floor. People watching, carrying a camera, stopping occasionally to shop, reflecting on the noticeable lack of crowds in our panicky times. I did make an early purchase for Laura, whose 4 gig IPod is overcrowded. We were taking albums off to add new ones so I bought her a 16 gig nano. She likes the lightweight of the smaller ones, and this one is cherry red, one of her favorite colors. Another reason I enjoy mall walking while Laura is at work is that she walks faster than I do, and bikes faster than I do. It's humiliating.

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