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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Photographic Impulse Purchase

My Camera has been a pleasure. Learning how to use it, developing a photographic eye, visiting my computer collection every now and then. Reading about equipment. I heard a lot about the relative cheapness of the kits lens and wandered what kind of picture a really expensice lens would obtain.

I went to the bankruptcy sale at the Camera shop and bought an inexpensive super zoom by Quantaray, apparently manufactured by Sigma. My Disney adventure convinced me of the need of one everyday zoom, and the reviews for this 18-200 zoom have
been mixed, some loved it some did not. Most said it was pretty well made and OK for the price.

So, here is an idea of the zoom capability made of a Grand Canyon Picture at the Mall. The lens is a few onces heavier but the same size as the 17-55mm kit lens.
If I end up dissapointed with this I will save up for a nice lens while using this for outings.

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