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Friday, April 17, 2009

A sober anniversary, a mistake in teaching.

A year ago my heart attacked me...for the second time. No need to go into the details except that every time I hear of someone dropping dead at the gym or while biking I am thankful that my heart has warned me gently when an artery has reached the danger stage. I actually got out of bed, took a shower, drove to the office to take my blood pressure and drove to the emergency room. I have since promised I would not do this again...but on the way out I saw a copy of The Shack on our booktable, and took it with me.

Sunday after the procedure, I read the book in one afternoon. I know all about the debate the God talk in this book has brought to different teachers and Christians, but I was moved by the book to tears, and I believe the books great strength, reflecting the true grace and healing that came from Young's attempts to show the Triune love of God.

I decided to attempt a two week study of The Shack and wish now I had not.I found my efforts to open a discussion just did not capture the power of the dialogue. I should have just left it alone. This book goes along way toward reintroducing an older and more gracious outworking of God's grace. In a real way, I realize that if I had not spent time in the hospital I would just have read reviews and never taken the time to read the book. This weekend Baxter Kruger and others are holding what I am sure will be a more profitable time of opening the lovely truths of Trinitarian relationships in the propagation of the grace of God.

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