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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let some air in the place!

When the new stadium opened it was name BOB. Bank One Ballpark. I loved that name. Now it's Chase Field. If Banks advertise on Ball Parks will the Government own the ballparks?, and fire the managers? and be named after Presidents? Obamarama Field?

On nice evenings they have an opening ceremony to slide the roof and the side panels open with music and pomp. I have not been there to see it but I am told its impressive. The Metro runs right by it, and that was one of the original intents, to get people coming into the downtown area more often. Is that why they build the football stadium about 40 miles out in the boonies? It was supposed to be nearby in Temple until the 911 crash made them worry about planes crashing into the Stadium.

I love this city.

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