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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Phoenix has light rail, and I like it

Saturday we enjoyed an afternoon in downtown Phoenix and a ride on our new Metro. After years of traffic interrution this thing runs from Mesa to just down of downtown Phoenix. The ticket purchase is on the honor system, though ticket checkers give tickets to freeloaders. Stops at ASU and the Airport and right downtown in the Stadium and Civic Center District before heading right up our Central Avenue.

The ride is very smooth, nicely airconditioned, comfortable seating to the side or frong facing, a wizard of electric transportation. If I worked downtown I would take it in a minute. I had a moment of feeling really integrated with my city when I realized the potential of this thing, but, realistically we still had quite to drive to reach the line 12 miles north of us.

The Startrek Exhibit was interesting and made me realize what an impact those TV shows and movies made on my life.

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