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Monday, May 2, 2016

Reflections on the first two days of retirement

Sunday was so beautiful that I told Laura it made the top ten list of all time great days, category-cheap. Meaning that for spending no money we had so many relaxing and peaceful and happy moments. I am practicing not thinking about church, and preaching, and obligations etc, and the day was a great success.

Today I took my list of to do's and worked through them with a sense of joy and freedom. I am sure I will continue not making any commitments until the newness of it wears off. There is so much work to be done unpacking that normal may be months away.

I do look forward to taking more photography outings. Tonights pictures of the pool area take advantage of the remaining light and the yellow tints from the porch lights. I feel like we live in a resort.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots--enjoy your pace and savor it!
Off to WA on Thursday--keep writing on your blog so we can stay in touch