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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday without deadlines

Our Breakfast nook is so bright and we have our birdbath and hummingbird feeder to watch in the mornings.

Laura and I are going through some emotions as the reality of retirement settles in. I have no sermon to preach tomorrow, and Laura is a few weeks away from not a six week, but a permanent end to her teaching career. We felt a bit lost last night realizing that our circle of friends in church are preparing for going on without me. I, of course, have been thinking about this longer than Laura and have a great sense of excitement for the transition.

Been observing and learning for my partnership in an Ebay store with my friend Jack and his son Eric. Friday and Saturday are prime time for visiting garage sales, community sales, and estate sales. It's fun. Buy low, sell reasonably higher. Jack bought an old Millers Fall Egg Beater Drill in excellent condition for a few dollars and had a happy buyer by this evening at 65 plus shipping.

Our new home is a delight, we have so far to go to get unpacked and decorated, and much from my office to pass on to others. Been trying to get room for the cars and golf cart. Not fun, but necessary. Update, we achieved getting two cars and a golf cart under roof at 8pm this evening

The pool has lost 10 degrees with this cool spell and the wind has poured mesquite pods by the peck that triggers my constant skimming. I love it, but not fun this time of year.

Blessings to all who check in here. Life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Please continue to check in with us as we care!
Hope you had a good worship experience today. Ours went fine but not the leader we would've wanted to still be in the pulpit as you know.