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Saturday, May 14, 2016

In and Out of many neighborhoods

Serving Plates for sale, cheap.

Garage Sales are interesting and revealing. Everyone has things they no longer need or want, or they are downsizing or moving. The search to reusable bargains is at the heart of the Ebay business, although many do sell new items as well.

I am amazed at the architectural variety in our East Valley, just about every type of home from the 60s cookie cutter 1500 sq ft row houses to expansive homes of all shapes and sizes. 20 years ago I threw Newspapers for the Arizona Repubic in the Lakes area of Gilbert. I remember how beautiful the streets and homes were in my area as I cruised through at 3 am searching for house numbers at first, then almost doing it in my sleep as I got experience. I was in some of those neighborhoods today and noticed how dated they had become in such a short time. We are not Europe in terms of long term beauty in our neighborhoods.

We also made a stop at a local good will and I am struck by the people living on the margins of survival we have all around us. I am so greatful for what we have been able to enjoy in our community, and so amazed that new homes are being built everywhere when the jobs that will support them and draw those families seem so few. Interesting times.

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