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Saturday, May 21, 2016

My wife and her career

During the first fifteen years of our marriage Laura was a Mom and Homemaker, till our last son entered school and we moved west, beginner her second career as an educator. Five years in Christian Schools, and Twenty in the Public School as a hard working patient first grade teacher. Long hours, myriad discipline and parent problems, numerous interferences in schooling by the government programs and funding. And its almost over, except for the choice to substitude or help out on occasion.

The majority of our weeknights together were spent with her grading piles of papers and planning the next day and week. Problem Children are a major problem in recent decades and she hurt and struggled with each one and the effect they had on the rest of the class.

As a Co earner, she plays a major part in preparing for our retirement and I am grateful not only for her dedication, which all her teammates shared yesterday, but for her personal management of our saving and planning for this time in our life. I look forward to hanging out together without the demands and duties of our careers. I am very proud of her last eleven years, opening and establishing the atmosphere of a special type of school called Chandler Traditional Academies.

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KC Bob said...

Congrats to Laura. And to you.