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Sunday, May 22, 2016

A real lazy, hazy, crazy, early summer day.

Proud of Ben, growing strong, handsome, and confident as he converses with a former teacher at Chandler Freedom Academy.

Our weekends with the grand kids have become more sporadic as they age and get involved in more extra curricular activities. So yesterday and today we lazed in the pool and out all day, and today we listened to hymns by Fernando Ortega as we read and relaxed after a late breakfast. The last three months and one week since I saw a for sale sign on this property have been so hectic, stressful, overwhelming and fulfilling, that now as we slow down a bit and begin to enjoy the move we made, it is so full of joy and happiness that I just pause to reflect and be thankful.

There has been so much sadness in my circle of friends this week, my longtime friend Marilyn has lost the battle to keep her foot after a motorcycle accident a month ago and will loose it to amputation monday. A former personal assistant and good friend Dianna died of complications from a long battle with pancreatic cancer, leaving a loving happy active family to grieve her passing in her mid 50s. We pray for these families but know how hard it is to experience loss.

There are imperfections in all dreams, realities that over shadow our best times. Little foxes that spoil the vine. We are fighting a never ending battle with debri in the pool, and I have taken a vow to fight it daily. The mosquitoes have been bad and persistently bothersome in the back yard and when they make their way into the house. After 25 plus years in four homes, we finally encountered a Scorpion in our guest bathroom sink yesterday. This is disturbing and puts us on alert in case we have a problem all over the house.

Thats enough for now dear friends. Life is precious, and good, and difficult at times, but when it's a great day, we are grateful!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on your life--sorry about the scorpion--something we've never had there--hope it's the last one for you.
Had a visiting pastor yesterday who has worked with the Slavic churches in Russia for 25 years--they have a network of nine churches in nine time zones! Interesting what the Lord is doing in that country.