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Monday, April 4, 2016

April is great month spoiled!

Ke'e Beach, Kauai on a rare day when we got there first.

This is a play on the great golf quote, "Golf is a good walk spoiled". Don't know who to credit. But anyhow, April is the heart of springtime, and the blossoms, and fragrances, and calm sunny days with moderate temperatures are the best days of the year for sitting outside and walking.

Right up until you face the monster called the I.R.S. If you have any kind of ownership in anything then the long form is a necessity and a huge confusing burden on the taxpayers. It ruins my month most years. Lately I have taken to postponing until a later date and risking fines if my math and guesstimates are wrong. This year I have some help on the way, a friend in accounting.

The whole buying and selling house ordeal has its own set of deadlines and government hoops designed to remind you that they really think they own you and everything you buy and sell anyway. Sheesh!

I will not let these burdens stop me from enjoying the life God has given me, the good things of each day, and the changes ahead as I shut down my office at my place of service, and open my office for my post pastoral ministry life.

One of the neat things about our new home is the location at the edge of a golf course and just north of a horse property subdivision. In AZ they pack homes in developments very close together. Some a close as 10 ft, most about 15 ft. This home has 20 yards of easement on the east, and 60 yards to the south to the next homes. We have this private area serviced by the HOA that buffers us and creates the quietest back yard a person could hope for in a city.

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