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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Back on line after a blackout

Eden giving us a nice clock plaque for our years here.

We just got our home internet restored, what an adventure in dealing with utilities is a move. Found out that Southwest Gas has zero physical presence in this valley. All by phone or nothing, and the electricity is headed in the same direction.

Preached my last message as Pastor of SLCC last Sunday, a great service all through, special music, etc.

Cleaning out the office this week, including my antique pew made after the Civil War. Soon be over, and then I relax a few weeks, and formulate some plans and ideas in how I can continue in Kingdom work, as a writer/teacher perhaps.

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Anonymous said...

Fun evening. Weird Tuesday night last night with no Bible study--miss you! Don't forget when you unpack the right box I STILL want two copies of your last Life Coach sermon--one for me and one for Philip who says you're one of the best speakers he's ever heard, by the way---