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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lasts and Firsts

The bow tie look of the youngest child...me. Oneonta NY, 1959.

Last night I completed my last Bible Study as Pastor of Sun Lakes Community Church, 10 days until the office is empty and I embark on the post full time pastor part of my life. I am not retiring, I am teaching outside the institution. I fulfilled a commitment I made decades ago to be a pastor all my life. Now the pastor part will be voluntary, and the teacher part will be in the freedom to depart from the traditional concepts of my church family, if need and conscience lead me that way.

People always have said that most denominations agree on 95% of the doctrines of the Bible. Maybe, but there are times when the prevailing traditions have become disharmonious with the message that the church needs to be awakened. If my time left allows me to be a small part of clearing the air, then I will be thankful.


Anonymous said...

We will greatly miss the Bible studies and opportunities to think new thoughts and ponder old ones--your gift of teaching is truly awesome and we pray for many years of opportunities ahead for you.

Bebe said...

Hoping to be part of that!