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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Path Most Traveled

My wife Laura is in the classroom this morning facing a new group of young "chiren" to learn "readin" and "writin".

Yesterday afternoon we were invited to hear some rock and roll by the Eagles Tribute Band. It was good fun and the talent level displayed was probably as good as the band was in their youth. I was shocked as always by the packed Sunday afternoon crowd at the slot machines at Wild Horse Pass Casino. Far more crowded than most churches and certainly mine was that morning.

I have no great aversion to a little gaming, though I do very little, but the whole smoky scene just struck me as sad and an enormous missing of life's great pleasures and treasures.

The other funny observation was the packed house for the concert. The Eagles did their thing in the 70s, and the quality of their harmonies and the lyrics and musicality of the era was amazing. And those teens from the 70s are all old now, me included,and you somehow forget that time marches on for everyone.

Some sort of real Eagles band is touring as well, but these guys were good.

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