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Saturday, July 11, 2015

My dilemma in one succinct phrase

"The Bible is no more inerrant than the person reading it" Dear folks, its not doubt but legitimate inquiry to ask whether the interpretations you have been told are actually correct. The history of Bible interpretation is a dark saga of using proof texts to support some of the oddist conclusions and some of the most violent acts in human history.

The same group of currently hot teachers who are telling us they have pegged the prophecies of the Bible to the next three months are those who are expressing the same fundamental dogma that has destroyed better teachers than themselves when they say that those who are not in agreement of their conclusions are the "one world false church'

If the first statement is true then I also must hold my own interpretations and the views of others both old and new in a cautious mode and not fall into the same trap of being so sure that I am understanding the implications of the ancient text that I refuse to reexamine the views of others.

I still resonate with those who are urging us to read the Bible the way Jesus did, with a healthy focus on the love that endures and a willingness to lay old patterns and power plays behind. The gospel is about vulnerability not power as one writer puts it. So I hope my dilemma is yours as well.

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