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Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Word- Crowdpounding

Some facebook friends where up on the mountain in Yosemite last week and I remembered this view with awe and joy.

Apparently crowd pounding is when someone writes or says something that his peers disagree with, and everyone joins in to point out the error and stupidity of the comments.

Case in point is the comment by Franklin Graham after last weeks violence in Chattanooga. He thought it was time to deny access to America of all Muslims. He got crowd pounded.

I am truly in a love/hate relationship with facebook these days because I love to see and hear about what present and past friends are doing in their lives and on vacations and to celebrate occasions.

I hate it because it has become a way for people to express their disgust, hatred, bigotry, and misunderstanding or opinion for me to agree with or disagree with. I know there is a place for all that but it has become a bully pulpit for too many of my conservative friends who feel they are losing control of the country, or of something they think is changing too quickly.

No,I am not quitting, it passes by my screen quickly, as is the nature of facebook. And it is why I keep posting on my blog, if people stop by to check on what I am thinking or experiencing on any given day, they come because they want to and can leave and not return, or be too busy to check or whatever. I do not have enough followers to be crowd

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Anonymous said...

I also keep up with lots of friends/family on Facebook but share your reservations. Try to read your blog regularly and today learned the word crowd pounding!
You would've enjoyed our church service last Sunday--the hymns were accompanied by a lady playing a long wooden whistle like one of yours--not sure of the correct name but it was pretty!