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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Knowing the future is a really bad idea

I do not understand people who want to tell me what is going to happen next. The odds of getting it right are poor. The belief that you can take a scripture portion and peg it down to the next six weeks seems enormously difficult.

Prophesying about the coming bad news makes living in the moment very difficult. What are all those counting on all those seven bads things going to do if all seven of those bad things fail to occur in a timely fashion? As they always have so far 100 percent of the time.

What if it does? Do those who predicted it get a round of applause as final judgment descends upon the world? Way to go Mister predictor. Meanwhile the last precious two months of my life have been sickened with dread, and or anticipation, or....whatever.

Anyhow, I have plane tickets to Kauai for the end of September so Lord do what you must, but I will be OK if the prognosticators of the doom of our culture miss it by a month or two.

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