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Friday, January 23, 2015

Ya'll Come See Us Now

It's almost here, the crazy Phoenix Open made crazier by the Tiger and friends visit, made crazier by the Super Bowl super hype. We will be on the stage and I hope we have a great weather week for everyone to feel good about adding to our local economy.

Since I played the Palmer Course in Palm Springs I have a special enjoyment of both this weeks and next weeks tournament having played at the Scottsdale course as well. However there is a whole course redo being unveiled this week. Can't wait to see if they can lower the score from the usual course massacre of 20 plus under.

On a personal level I am OK, but wrestling with some deep understandings and transforming paradigms. I have no idea why I am desiring these things to come full course...its just the way I am made. Will the changes in me help others to change? Does it matter? For me the answers are yes, and yes.

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