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Monday, January 26, 2015

Exquisite pain

Still one of the best views on the planet, the top of the Napali coastline in Kauai.

Showed a picture of a Muslim woman in the full head gear and eye slit. It was painful. In my heart of hearts I know God created man and woman and beauty, and whatever twisted religious tenet that declares this woman's face off limits to all in public but her master sickens me to my core. But I do not hate her or the system. I just know it needs enlightenment from somewhere.

I feel pain when I hear someone whose false beliefs create a false worldview. I know that sounds cocky, how can I be sure they are wrong and I am right in the new world of thought.

Well, I believe religious and spiritual ideas can be tested and examined and critiqued....if we have just the tiniest bit of an open mind, and a questioning heart.

And, I believe, the first people who have the tiniest bit of an open mind and heart....are those who have been victimized by false ideas. That why I listen to victims...a lot.

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