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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Late to the streaming party

This is the tree where Indiana Jones consulted his map in the first movie.

So, I took the Sony Blu Ray player back and bought a Toshiba, and it works, so I have one more week of my Netflix trial month. We have enjoyed two movies, and I can see why the Netflix fortunes are soaring.

There are lots of smaller pictures that are quite good, and the old series you can watch. I have been enjoying my Amazon prime movies on the small tablet and now I can use the Amazon Account for those as well.

Not to mention watching Blu Ray quality movies. BTW Safe Haven was enjoyable as a romance built upon healing and loss.

Disclaimer: sounds like I am a movie nut, but in recent years we just have stopped renting and watching even our own. So this is a bit of a fun thing.

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