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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Two wires to the world wide web

So for a week our Dish Network modem went dead. Getting a repair man was a nightmare of miscommunication. Turns out Century Link was hired to install them, but cannot work on the connection issues. Each repairman has shared how stupid this is, and has helped me. So, one dropped wire outside he was allowed legally to fix, and one dropped wire on the inside he fixed illegally to his company guidelines. I don't care, but it makes me wonder about Dish Network and the people who messed with me for a whole week.

So, yesterday was a wasted day of waiting, in which I enjoyed two new Hallmark Christmas romances. Which I am told did real well in audience share. They are cute and lift up falling in love for marriage, not shacking up for sex. And they all share the values of family and Christmas memories from growing up. Fun.

Got a pic from my gym buddy and her husband in Kauai on day one of their visit. So happy for them.

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