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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The incident at the National Cathedral

Young mind in an old body?

So this is a tough issue for Americans and Christians. We feel the worldwide onslaught of a violent aggressive Jihad, and at the same time we are trying to build respect and communication between American Muslims and the Christian culture that formed us.

Our constitution forbids naming one faith as the faith of our Country, but at the same time the Judeo/Christian history and valued pervades the halls of our Nations Capital.

A Muslim warrior beheads an American in a act of total barbarism and yet they want to force other nations to suspend their traditions that offend them and secretly would be willing to force their religious practices upon any culture they conquer of even invade.

Freedom from religion is important to me. Freedom to practice my faith is important to me. Respect for others who are different is important to me. Religious wars are repugnant to me.

As I said, this is a tough issue that is not going away soon, if ever.

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