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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Theological Precision in an age of secularization

"The long and winding road"

I was trying to discuss an historic controversy in the Protestant Church this morning and was met with what has become a common theme. Why does it matter if some think this and some think that?

I find myself bridging gaps between the theological part of me saying, this matters enormously, and if we think it does not then real people are going to be hurt because truth and ideas have consequences.

The part of me that is getting weary of much bickering says, You're right brother, as long as we center on the important things about Jesus and our faith we will all be OK.

I have some friends who believe that entering a post theological world will be OK. We will continue to hold the bill of rights and seek to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the freedom of a post christian world.

I still believe the truth will set you free, but am a bit more skeptical that we have been able to arrive at it with the unity that we may have hoped for since the reformation 500 years ago.

Still been thinking through the recent understanding of the reality of "pervasive interpretive pluralism", wow I love that term. What it means is that over the last 500 years sincere, intelligent, humble,scholarly students have sought to bring a united message from the ancient texts of the Old and New Testament and have come to radically different conclusions about some pretty essential doctrines. We can pretend that not so, but it is and now in this information age we are having to deal with it.

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