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Saturday, November 29, 2014

No matter what happens, I will always like you better

The Ball Fields of Central Park

They say blogging is a dying art form. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are just working better. Friends with blogs that had a lot of traffic and response are losing it, yet a Facebook post brings the level right back. So, no matter what I do as I approach retirement, I will always love blogging better that Facebooking.

One of the main reasons is that you have to take a second of effort to visit here. If you don't care you don't come. You could have that same non caring attitude and pass my blog like comments on FB and I would never know. This makes me feel more free to be me, and not to try to impress people on FB, which is a lot like Junior High and High School, where we only present our best face.

We are in a serious process of looking at the coming changes in our life and finances, and perhaps our social networks in the coming years and we want to hang on the the things that are worthwhile. Blogging my not be the thing that keeps me connected with you. We will see.

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Lynn Beck said...

I love your blogs, Don!