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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An old friend finds me on facebook

This is the grocery store where I had my first job after moving to Mississippi at age 15, I was a bag boy when people could fill two carts with 50 dollars and would tip you a quarter or two for loading them in the truck. My first paycheck and first social security payment. It was a Sunflower Store in Maywood Mart in Jackson MS where my mom would work a couple of doors down at the Beemans drug store.

Charles B. friended me yesterday. We said goodbye the summer of 64 when my family moved from Alabama to Mississippi. Charles introduced me to the joys of motorcycles, and actually won a 64 red Mustang Hatchback in a contest run by Coca Cola, so this fifteen year old learned stick shift driving from my buddy as well. A Vietnam vet, school teacher and principal. now retired and living in Georgia. Wow, how cool was this reunion.

Also got a phone call from an African high school girl living in Iowa. She found our church website and wanted to talk to a minister. Her speech was difficult to understand, but she shared of isolation, shame and fear and a taunting memory that her mother died practicing witch craft. When I prayed for her she could not listen and asked me to stop. She called twice and it was difficult to help her, she did not own and had never read a Bible.

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