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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fry's Electronics

After lunch I browsed through Fry's, a California based electronics superstore. I share this because I have watched its whole history and am amazed at its survival. The street it is located on was once the location of several computer stores that blossomed and died during the years when people were buying PCs like wildfire.

When Fry's Opened, it was a visitors attraction for its visual stimuli, with screens and sounds everywhere and every inch packed with fantasy purchases.

Today, it is more calm, has much more open area, has focused on the few things that have survived, movies, TV, Camera, and computer supplies and support.

I was there to look at a few camera accessories and to replace my currently misplaced USB flash drive, which we use to carry files between computers at the office. The newest generation is very tiny, and can be hooked on my key chain, its very cute the size of a thumbnail and holding 16gigs of files and pictures, and that why I love electronics stores, they represent the greatest and best technology that makes our lives in an information society work seamlessly.

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