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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The most loving people in the world

That's what the folks who attend Westboro Baptist Church believe they are when they picket funerals and events. We love you enough to tell you God Hates You when no one else is, and we love you enough to tell you to repent before God sends you fags and sexual sinners to hell.

As I read that in an article it made me wonder, is that really the Gospel, God hates you but we love you enough to tell you that and give you a chance to turn or burn.

As I read the texts of the gospel message, I see the opposite. God loves sinners enough to die for them while they are trapped in their sin, and He is love and loves us enough to draw us lovingly, seek us persistently, and wait patiently to forgive, indeed the major forgiveness and redemption have been freely given.

The various contrasts of this issue make up the spectrum of evangelicalism. I have added another reality to the gospel I follow...redemptive judgment. Purposeful correction....you know, like a Father might practice to the lost sons and daughters of Adam.

The Westboro folks are delusional about their loving ministry, and we should be loving enough to tell them so, as well as others who have the same message more cleverly marketed.

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