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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dow is an idol

For me, maybe for most Americans. We see the numbers go up and down and our hopes go up and down. A good Dow Jones number means all is right in America, right? I left stocks a year ago after riding the slow recovery to 13,300. Now it's pushing 15,000 and happy days are here again?????

Surely the present tax and spend policies, the massive debt and deliberate shift toward government sponsored jobs and socialism cannot be inspiring private business to hire and expand????

We will see if our real underlying economy is strong or we are bowing to an illusory and false sense of hope.

I want America to be strong, have opportunity for our youth, and safety and security for our future.

Made great progress on the tax return, still working on the investment part, which made my mind go in this direction.

Golfers on the the Course at the Masters, when I leave here I will fire up live reports on the web.

The weather has returned to delightful after that dusty windy storm cooled us down.

Looking forward to our Hawaiian themed banquet, a chance to thank the folks for a great decade, and then to find some reasons to be motivated for the next years.

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