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Friday, October 28, 2016

Can a Christian be apolitical?

One of the 30plus lego creations at the Phoenix Zoo till the end of the year. Very cute work.

I am a registered lifelong Republican. I have no candidate running in this presidential election. I have heard all the rhetoric about voting for the platform, and considering the alternative.

I have also listened to the reasoned concerns of many conservatives on the unsuitability of the Republican candidate in terms of life long relational and stability issues in relationship to having the qualifications of holding this high office.  I still fear that many hopeful people will "get Trumped" with some disturbing surprises should he win the election.

Somewhat disturbing among the weekly verbal barrages from Trump, was the use of the word "nasty woman", "nasty woman" twice in the last debate, uttered under his breath but clearly heard by all.

When a Christian acquaintance of mine repeated the word in an attack on Megyn Kelly a few days ago, I realized how quickly Christians can slip down the slippery slope. Megyn Kelly, the darling of Fox News for years, is suddenly a "nasty Woman", for stating her real concerns over the character of Donald Trump?

Maybe because I no longer get Fox News because of attempts to whittle down my budget. Maybe because I have become the subject of Christian narrow mindedness of late. Maybe because I believe all humans have more in common than they pretend. Maybe because my studies reveal that all political power is corrupting, and that government has over reached its boundaries on both the right and the left. I do not know.  But I feel very sorry for those trying to lift their nominee to a level of political savior. I would love to be the subject of all the "I told you so" if He indeed rescues our nation from demise.

I could have stayed silent till this mess is over, but I am trying to learn to speak my mind regardless of consequences, and perhaps believe our problems have spiritual answers apart from this us vs. them game we play.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Directions

We are going to use our Annual membership to the Zoo often. Today was our second visit, and first with the grandkids. We did a little over three hours and visited the childrens area which is excellent, and really enjoyed our time.

I am beginning to be more thankful for the freedom I have and knocking on more doors to keep busy and add to the vacation fund.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

O Ye Few, and Faithful

A day at the Zoo picture.

I have loved my little blog, closing in one 100,000 reads since I began in 2008. Just a few family and friends check in. I mostly share my life and a picture, and occasionally a rant on religion and politics.

For a while now I have been careful not to turn my facebook into a political or faith blog, and mostly the same here, although you know my views are changing from the general tone of my posts.

Retirement is changing me too, mainly because I am deciding how to spend each day when there are no messages to prepare, articles to write, people to visit in the hospital, and all the things pastors do each week.

I have started journaling in Evernote, and there I unplug and work through my thoughts and emotions where only me and God can reflect on my heart cries.

I have not lost my desire to grow in understanding, not by adding more knowledge but by putting the knowledge in the context of life and not being pushed and shoved by fear or uncertainty.

The world is changing, always does, and I do not want to be a rigid senior citizen, or a my way or the highway thinker. Life has been interesting, and I do not want to lose the moment by moment enjoyment of all that I can still enjoy. Maybe one day those private ideas will make there way to the surface, and maybe I will still have some people to discuss it with, and maybe the outcome of the election will elude both sides threats and fears, and life will go on with some degree of civilized interaction, some degree of unity, and some degree of good will.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cruz, Bush, Rubio...long Sigh of sadness!!

Some colorful leaves on Prescott Square.

Got my ballot in the mail yesterday. I will vote quickly and shut down any interaction with the campaign as the outcome nears.

I have shifted lots of paradigms in the last 20 years, and now is the time for a good paradigm our at least a more authentic one to come to service.

The necessity of government I understand, but now I add the reality of Empire, which always corrupts no matter who has the reigns. Those who think their candidate will bring back something from the past may be looking through rose colored glasses.

The blessings of personal  godly morality I heartily amen, but the absence of justice and equality for all will not occur without a broader vision of a God who loves all humanity, not just us nice ones.

The separation from the church from politics was my heritage, and I still tend to believe that associating your faith with a particular party is a recipe for gospel confusion.

My firm and thankful rejection of all apocalyptic and doom and gloom theologies helps me not ever to run around ranting, "the sky is falling",  "the sky is falling".

My firm and thankful rejection of any belief that America is the new Israel, or the need to baptize our colored past and think we are a truly Christian Country.  Christians are people, countries are groups of people geographically and politically related....not the same.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Getting reacquainted with our Adopted Arizona

So we decided to do some day trips and started with Prescott, pronounced like "bisquit". What a lovely drive up to 5000 altitude, with a town square that is delightful, and a square full of restaurants, bars, and antique stores. We ate, and browsed the stores and enjoyed seeing some changing leaves.

I think its been seven or so years since we visited, and the suburb town of Prescott Valley has grown enormously. Prescott is 120 miles north on I 17.

The way back was aided by the use of the HOV Lane which sped the drive through rush hour.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Who controls my Facebook?

This morning the tone of my Facebook feed was rabid. The political parties and individuals attacking, accusing each of being equally wicked, so whats the difference, and threats as to what my vote for the wrong candidate will unleash.

I have friends who have dropped out of political involvement completely, I suspect for personal survival, and those who love politics and cannot stop posting and fighting for their candidate and party.

I have Christian friends supporting Trump who would be embarrassed to defend his character in any other situation, but are joining the efforts to make him look like God's political messiah for our nations survival.

I would vote for the platform I most support, but really fear He is,cannon with deep and twisted unresolved issues about who he is and some disturbing leadership traits that are downright frightening. If he goes rogue there is no telling the damage he could cause.

Lots of people are hoping God will step in and save us, or take us. I am not holding my breath for either for lots of reasons.

I still believe love wins.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Scorpions! Ugh!

Celebrating 3 and 1 year anniversaries of October trips to Hawaii Big Island and Kauai. Hoping for another trip to the Big Island sometime in 2017.

We move 7 tenths of a mile from a home where we never saw a scorpion to having a bit of a problem in our new to us home.  Last week we finally had a treatment and were feeling better about our sightings.  The brief story I am about to relate is true, and is a c, all for constant vigilance to me.

Last evening I was cooking dinner, and needed a spice. I picked up our tablespoon measuring spoon and shook out the spice, but the spoon down and began to crush it a little. After tending to my dish on the stove I glanced at the spoon and noticed what looked like a rubber band hanging around the handle, and instantly I remembered a warning by our pest control man to never pick up something that looks like a rubber band.

Yes, a two inch scorpion was wrapped around the spoon, had been there while I held it and shook the cup full of spice. My finger was less than a inch from the scorpion the whole time.  For some reason he did not strike, and at the moment unwound himself to run for cover, and met a quick and violent death by measuring cup.  Feeling grateful not to be dealing with my first scorpion bite.